I design and lead workshops that help participants get the results they are after in life.  I use interpersonal exercises to create healing from negative beliefs, vision, and an action plan to get there.  My style includes fun, depth, and focused coaching to create a transformational experience.

Bay Area Business Travel Association 4/15/21: Panelist for Why Diversity, Inclusion & Community Matters And What YOU Can Do About It

Book Launch of Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures: How to Develop Companies where Employees Thrive 3/21: I provided a quote of advice for folks getting started in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging work

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Career Panel 2/20/21: I’ll be on a panel talking about what it’s like to have a career in DEI to support people entering the field.

Tech ERG Summit by Kapor Center: 1/29/2021, I will lead a one-hour workshop called “Facilitating Human Conversation: Get People to Talk over Zoom.

CES 2021 (Consumer Electronic Show): 1/11/2021, I moderated a panel as below:

Tech Superheroes: Employee Resource Groups to the Rescue

With the quick pivot to remote work, employee resources groups have helped employees maintain a sense of community and address racism and social unrest. Hear how these ERGs have stepped up to help their companies and employees thrive.

Advertising Week 2020: 10/7/2020, I spoke on a panel called “Ensuring Belonging, from Zoom to the Boardroom.” Watch the replay here (30min).

Ensuring Belonging, From Zoom to the Boardroom
COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation, moving from an era of business growth to one of consolidation and sustainability, with a major focus on employee well-being. With this disruption, new opportunities arise for video meetings to offer vital human connection, belonging and inclusion but, it also comes with its challenges. Join us for a conversation on how leaders and organizations can ensure everyone in their company feels a sense of belonging, from Zoom to Boardroom.

My First Comedy Show: “Forming, Storming, Performing”: 9/12/2020, I performed a half hour interactive comedy show for 30 friends with one-liners, a drawing game, and a story about finding my voice from an unlikely orifice.

Wisdom 2.0, San Francisco: 3/7/2020, led a Hosted Conversation session on “Self-Care and Authenticity at Work: the Intersection of Wellbeing & Belonging.”

Salons in my Living Room: I hosted 9 events on various themes in my living room in San Francisco in 2018-2020 over potluck dinners. Topics included a New Year intention setting and a self-care skill-share.

Purpose Summit, San Francisco: 11/17-11/18/18 (outside San Francisco). I will be leading a session called Co-Creation Workshop: Planning for your Purpose.

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Productivity Hacking: Use Your Life Effectively

Productivity Hacking.png

Struggling to get everything done in your busy life? Join Rona Kremer, Lifehack Bootcamp coach, to transform your outlook and output in this hands-on workshop.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn time mastery skills and mindsets by applying them to your life. Bring your calendar and to-do list for best results. Come out with a plan and action steps for your days and weeks ahead.

We’ll cover three topics:

  • Mindset: Adopt a time-positive mindset and discover which of your beliefs lead to your biggest successes & missteps
  • Focus: Learn how to get the maximum amount of work done in a time block, using simple neuroscience-based tips
  • Prioritization: Learn how to pre-plan your week so the most important things get done

Corporate Standup (first Open Mic): 2/6/2018, a 3 min comedy set about how to write a “true resume” that convinces recruiters who you are, by sharing your deepest insecurities that would make you so good at the potential job.

The Neuroscience of Sustained Behavior Change1/23/18, 6:30-8:30pm @ 425 Market St., SF

I am facilitating the opening of this event.  Understand the science behind habit formation so that you can help yourself or someone else to make long-lasting changes. This workshop is ideal for individuals looking to change their behavior or health and wellness professionals who want to learn ways to further support their clients.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.49.39 AM

Engineering Consciousness: 9/28/17, 7-9:30pm @ Electric Lodge, Los Angeles

Explore the intersection of consciousness and technology. Join the LA chapter of Consciusness Hacking to come together with entrepreneurs, yogis, engineers, programmers, hobbyists, meditators, nerds, artists, musicians, and more to hear what Consciousness Hacking is all about from founder and TED speaker Mikey Siegel and co-founder of Happy the App Pam Soffer.

Healing from the Past: 5/20/17, 10:30-12pm @ Shomrei Torah Synagogue, Los Angeles

Partnered with Rabbi Yael Saidoff, this workshop unveils the negative beliefs that underlie current issues in our lives.  It offers meditation and song as means of healing from the pain brought by difficult experiences in our upbringing. This helps to dissolve the negative beliefs we carry with us as adults, leading to a better and happier life.

Valentine’s Day Love Mob: 2/14/17, 6-8pm@ Santa Monica Promenade, Los Angeles

Turning Valentine’s Day into the National Day of Love!  14 of us got together to give out candies, stickers, good vibes, and smiles to all the passersby – because everyone needs some love!

Self-Love Tribe: 1/13/17, 6:30-9:30pm @ American Jewish University, Los Angeles

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  1. Notice the negative self-talk that we all have in our mind.
  2. Created a new, positive script for self-talk.
  3. Practice methods of shifting from negative to positive self-talk in specific areas in our lives.