I love making up new ways to play!


Selfies have many uses. Starefies have none.  Simply stare at the camera and click.  Starefies make great family photos, tourist souvenirs, self-portraits, etc. Check out #starefie on Instagram – these are mostly friends and friends of friends.


“This is an interactive song about your favorite thing…”

I’ve played this ukulele game with folks at a homeless shelter, in workshops, with strangers on a boat, at family gatherings, etc.


The Schnozzkini (buy one on Etsy)

Have you ever had a cold nose when the rest of you is warm? *Raising my hand*

The Schnozzkini is a bikini for your nose!  I had the luck of a lifetime when I was traveling in Mexico with nothing but a cold nose, an idea and a design.  I randomly met a former J. Crew technical designer…  and we made it happen!

How many dogs could ACTUALLY fit in a MUNI train if stuffed floor to ceiling, like a canine 7-layer dip?

The KQED podcast Bay Curious interviewed me to answer my question! 

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 6.16.59 PM.png

VipASSana: The Bitch’s Guide

Some meditators may have heard of Vipassana, a 10-day meditation retreat in complete silence.  Attendees go to find inner peace and all that jazz.  But when you put these people in an isolated ashram, enforce constant silence, wake them up daily at 4am for 11 hours of meditation with no dinner, their survival instincts start kicking in.  At the dorms, in line for meals, and when it comes to protecting your favorite meditation pillows… some bitches go bad.

This is a 1-hour one-woman show that I first performed on a video chat with my friends across the world.


Singing-Songwriting: In Love with a Gnome

I wrote and performed a song about being in love with a gnome.


I played “the granddaughter” in this silly little film.