Waking up yesterday, Saturday morning, was not only a shift to waking consciousness, but a new one altogether.  Twiddling my toes under the blanket, I began dreaming up all the weekend-licious fun I was going to have that day.  A jolt of memory then – “I’m resigning because I’m starting my own company”, I messaged to my manager at a large corporation earlier in the week.  My last day was racing toward me.  The first Saturday of my transition had dawned.

Beginning to run my own schedule – how much I work, when, with whom –  I realized how un-ergonomic it has always felt to work 5 full days and then have 2 days off.  My best days include a mix of work and play.  So I decided that every day can be used like any other – another sun’s bead on a string whose tail nests over the horizon.  Time-agnosticism is in and the weekend is out.